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Saraphina Violin

This is the official music video for Saraphina Violin's latest release entitled "Retrospect" 

Beyond the Dark

Produced and Directed by ARK Studios Media Group in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Saraphina Violin & Rob Landes

Saraphina Violin performs for the Dallas Mavericks NBA Halftime Show

Saraphina Violin performs video game theme songs for theme night at the Dallas Mavericks on November 22nd, 2019. 

Saraphina Violin "Transfixed" Official Video

Official music video for Saraphina Violin's track "Transfixed"

Shot by Pensare Films

Saraphina Violin "I'm Bored"cover

Saraphina Violin performs a cover of Ariana Grande's "I'm Bored" with aerialist Eman Hillawi on lollipop lyra

Saraphina Violin "Sin Pijama" cover

Saraphina Violin covers Becky G and Natti Natasha's track "Sin Pijama" with violinist Vanessa Hellinga 

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